Instructor Biography: Alfred Hunt
ALFRED HUNT, Professor Emeritus of History at Purchase College, was Dean of the College of Letters and Science, and recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He created and hosted an award-winning current events cable television program for many years and has spent several years on the faculty of the study abroad program, Semester at Sea.
Other classes taught
"Conventional" Wisdom
American Foreign Policy in War and Peace
Around the World in 8 Days!
Art as History and History as Art
Demystifying U.S. Political Practices
Devouring History: Foods and Fads
Dixie Rising: Old Times There Are Not Forgotten
Echoes of Slavery
Faulty Towers: An Historical Conversation about American Education
Faulty Towers: What has happened to the “Higher Learnin’”?
Foreign Policy: A Different Perspective
Gone with the Wind: A Troubling Myth
History of our Lives: The 1940s-1980s
Holiday as History: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
Humanities Guest
Innocents Abroad: America in the World
Let's Talk Current Events: Topics in the News
Mark Twain House Tour
Mark Twain: More than a Humorist
Radicalism in America: A Different View