Instructor Biography: Dolores Metzner
DOLORES METZNER has pursued a life of artistic investigation, guided by the question of how to be an artist in life. She has explored diverse art media, has had a professional career as a photo-illustrator, and has been a dedicated art educator. Metzner has taught many levels of drawing, painting, photography, studio art, and various 3D media at Westchester County high schools (NYS Visual Arts Certification), at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts and with ArtsWestchester as an Instructor for the Visiting Artist Program. Her teaching approach facilitates an environment of mutual purpose and supports art imbued with personal significance while developing artistic skills. Metzner has created illustrations for editorial magazines, music CD’s, book covers, and client promotions, for Forbes Magazine, Discover, Audubon, the Washington Post, Chicago magazine, Fantasy Records and others. Her approach to teaching is inspired by this idea: everything we are interested in goes into our art and art makes everything interesting. Her favorite art quote is from the photographer Frederick Sommer who said that the important thing is “to beautifully serve the things for which we have real feeling.”