Instructor Biography: Sylwia McNamara
SYLWIA McNAMARA is a World bronze medalist, North American champion, ACBL accredited teacher, and ACBL certified director. She is an owner of The Bridge Deck.
Other classes taught
Bridge Advanced Class I: Slam Bidding
Bridge Advanced Class II: Modern Bridge Conventions
Bridge Beginner Plus I
Bridge Beginner Plus II
Advanced Beginner Bridge
Advanced Bridge: 2 Over 1 Bidding
Beginner Bridge
Bridge Advanced Class III: Defense
Bridge Base Online (BBO) Tutorial Live with Sylwia McNamara
Bridge Bootcamp: Fine Tune Your Game
Bridge Bootcamp: One Session Refresher
Bridge Play of Hand: How to Count Your Winners
Bridge Play of Hand: Leads
Bridge Play of Hand: No Trump
Bridge Play of Hand: Suit Contracts
Bridge Play of Hand: Suit Set Up
Bridge: Improve your Declarer Play
Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions
Bridge: Mixed Deck Topics
Bridge: Gentle Duplicate