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Contact Information

For questions about classes and registration, please e-mail:

For questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the Scarsdale Adult School in general:
email or
call (914) 723-2325 while school is in session.
After hour messages will be returned the next business day.
Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-12pm.
Mailing Address:
Scarsdale Adult School
P.O. Box 205
Scarsdale, New York 10583

Board of Trustees


Executive Committee:

Terry K. Singer, Co-Chair
Lisa Tretler, Co-Chair
Joan Bowen, Vice-Chair
Deb Morel, Secretary
Jordan Copeland, Finance Chair


Jessica Chan
Mary Lou D'Silva
Beth Ehrich Berkeley
Nina Fixler, Campaign Chair
Jill Hyman
Janet Korins
Tina Kurzner
Linda Leavitt
Susan Myers
Sue Peppers
Paul Poster
Carole Princer Levy
Lois Rotheim
Robert Scheibe
Alan Steinfeld
Mindy White

Advisory Committee

Beth Ehrich Berkeley, Co-Chair
Sue Peppers, Co-Chair

Members at Large:

Mary Baker
Debby Bobson
Paulette Bollag
Deborah Boxer Minchin
Mary Ann Brown
Steve Chase
Debbie Eisenberg
Pam Fuehrer
Judi Galst
Carrie Gilpin
Andrea Glanz
Debra Glassman
Arlene Goldsmith

Beth Grafman
Ilene Granstein
Alison Greene
Zachary Harrison
Janet Hershey
Judy Herzog
Joyce Hirsch
Phyllis Kelly
Zoe Kolpen
Emily Kronenberg
Richard Laufer
Michelle Lichtenberg
Sarah Mainster

Jack Scott Miller
Kathy Pecht
Deb Pekarek
Erika Radin
Jody Reiss
Chris Riback
Susan Rones
Ann Sacher
Deborah Skolnik
Ann Spindel
Ellen Sunness
Duncan Wilson
Nicky Ziman


Jill Serling, Executive Director:
Andi Goldstein, Registrar:
Komal Choksi, Administrative Staff:
Amy Bitterman, Business Manager:
Diane Baylor, Publicity:
Amy Bitterman, Development: