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SAS Eblast Archives

Upcoming Author Visit with Alice McDermott, Absolution (2023)
Walking Tours in May
April 2024 Writing Workshops
Triple Play: A Novel, Nibbles, and Games
Literature and Film Classes in May
April 2024 Health and Wellness
Special April Event: Cristiana Pegoraro in Concert
Step by Step Guide to House Renovating
March 2024 Performing Arts
Ballroom and Latin Dance Class
New Sessions of Languages Starting Soon
March 2024 Current Events, Politics, and Philosophical Discussions
Walking Tours in April
Upcoming Author Visits with Will Schwalbe and Asha Lemmie
March 2024 New Sessions of Arts & Crafts
New Spring Sessions of Fitness and Dance
Literature Classes in Late March and April
March 2024 Spring/Summer Flipbook Now Available
Upcoming Special Literary Event with Thrity Umrigar
Upcoming Special Event and Reminder to Vote
March 2024 Spring/Summer Registration Is Open

New Sessions of Games Classes Starting Soon
Upcoming Art Appreciation Lectures
February 2024 Remember to Cast Your Vote
Special Event: Cristiana Pegoraro in Concert
Author Visit with Mary Beth Keane, The Half Moon
Polling on Presidents' Day
February 2024 New Sessions of Spanish Begin Soon
Walking Tours in March
Upcoming Personal Finance Class
February 2024 History and Culture
Literature Classes in March
Author Visit with Jessica Saunders
February 2024 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Upcoming Writing Workshops for Aspiring Authors
Author Visit with Kirstin Chen, Counterfeit
January 2024 More Arts & Crafts
Walking Tours in February
Architecture for the Armchair Tourist or World Traveler
January 2024 Performing Arts
Reminders About Inclement Weather Procedures
Author Visit with Ann Napolitano, Hello Beautiful
January 2024 Art Appreciation
Upcoming Arts & Crafts and Last Chance to Cast Your Vote
January 2024 Fitness Classes for New Year's Resolutions
Fun and Games for the New Year
December 2023 Happy New Year!
World Language Classes Starting Soon
December 2023 Happy Holidays!
Winter Flipbook Is Now Available
December 2023 Season of Giving
Walking Tours in January
Literature, Film, and Television Classes in January
December 2023 Highlights from the 85th Anniversary Event
Best of Westchester Polls Are Open
December 2023 Winter Registration Is Open
Lessons in Chemistry from Page to Screen
Countdown to 85th Anniversary Afternoon of Learning
November 2023 Holiday Gift Ideas
Walking Tours in December
November 2023 Meet the Hall of Fame Inaugural Inductees
Literature, Film, and Television Classes in December
Campaign 2023 Message from the Chair
November 2023 History of SAS's 85 Years
Author Visit: JJ Elliott
Change in Venue for Cristiana Pegoraro in Concert on Thursday 11/9/23 at 7:15pm
85th Anniversary Afternoon of Learning Breakout Sessions
November 2023 Holiday Arts & Crafts
Special Event: Cristiana Pegoraro in Concert
October 2023 History and Culture
85th Anniversary Afternoon of Learning
Walking Tours in November
October 2023 Twentieth Century Photographers and Artists
Literature Classes in November
October 2023 Introducing Multi-Disciplinary Instructor Dina Gerasia
Editor Visit: Michael Reynolds
Step by Step Guide to House Renovating
October 2023 Personal Finance, Aging, and Retirement
New Sessions of Games Starting Soon
Tours for Foodies
September 2023 Edutainment for a Fun Night Out
Fiber Arts at SAS
Upcoming Music Appreciation Classes at SAS
September 2023 Current Events and Politics Classes
Walking Tours in October
Upcoming Writing Classes at SAS
September 2023 Performing Arts Classes
Upcoming Birding Classes for Nature Enthusiasts
Literature and Film Classes in Late September and October
September 2023 Fun and Games at SAS
Fitness and Dance Classes Starting Soon
World Language Classes Starting Soon
September 2023 New Arts & Crafts Instructors
Special Event Author and Editor Visits
Walking Tours in September
August 2023 Online Architecture Appreciation for the Fall
Health and Wellness Classes in September and Early October
Literature and Film Classes in September and Early October
August 2023 Online Art Appreciation for the Fall
Insider's Guide to Final 2023 Tennis Grand Slam: U.S. Open
August 2023 SAS Fall Term by the Numbers
August 2023 Fall Catalog Now Available

July 2023 Newly Added Classes to the Summer Term
July 2023 Sneak Peak at Fall Term
Walking Tours in August
July 2023 Summer Arts & Crafts for Adults
Literature Classes in August
July 2023 New Board and Advisory Committee Members
July 2023 Celebrating Independence Day
June 2023 Current Events and Politics
Walking Tours in July
June 2023 Arts & Crafts
Literature Classes in July
June 2023 World Languages
Newly Added and Newly Rescheduled Walking Tours in June
June 2023 Honor a Father or Graduate
Save the Date: 85th Anniversary Event
Food and Beverage Classes
May 2023 Memorial Day Activities
Fun and Games All Summer Long
Walking Tours in June
May 2023 Fitness for the Summer
Literature Classes in June
Horses in Art and Historical Fiction
May 2023 Current Events and Politics
Insider's Guide to 2023 Tennis Grand Slams
eGift Cards for Mother's Day 2023
May 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week
Newly Added Career and Job Search Classes
Newly Added Author Visit: Corie Adjmi, The Marriage Box (due out today)
April 2023 Architecture and Cityscape Walking Tours
Literature Classes in May
Walking Tours in May
April 2023 Upcoming Writing Workshops
Home Renovations, a Step by Step Guide
Art of the Portrait
Social Studies
April 2023 Fun and Games at SAS
South Indian Cooking Classes
Author Visit: Jessie Daniels, Nice White Ladies (2021)
April 2023 Language Classes at Various Levels
Walking Tours in April
Literature Classes in April
Focus on the Morgan Library: Book Discussion and Separate Walking Tour
April 2023 Arts & Crafts and Photography for Creative Minds
Upcoming Performing Arts Classes
Film Discussion: Movies About Jewish Identity
March 2023 Upcoming Art Appreciation Walking Tours
March 2023 Current Events and Politics Courses
Final Week of Classes in Honor of Women's History Month
Seeking Members for the SAS Advisory Committee
March 2023 Spring Forward into Fitness
Next Week's Art Appreciation and History Classes Honoring Women's History Month
Upcoming Piano Concert in Honor of Women's History Month
March 2023 Spring/Summer Flipbook Now Available

Classes in Honor of Women's History Month
World Politics with Ralph Buultjens
February 2023 Upcoming Walking and Armchair Tours
Author Visit: David Sipress, What’s So Funny? A Cartoonist’s Memoir
Important Notice for Students Attending Classes via Zoom
More Canasta Classes Begin Next Week
February 2023 Opportunities to Speak Your Mind
February 2023 Special Events this Month
Gilded Age Mansions of Long Island
Catalog Navigation Tutorial
February 2023 Upcoming Literature and Television Classes
Upcoming Hot Topics Course: Combatting Antisemitism
Author Visit: Katie Hafner, The Boys (2022)
January 2023 Upcoming History Classes
Upcoming Basket Weaving Classes
Free to Be . . . You & Me Retrospective
January 2023 Performing Arts Classes for Aspiring Musicians
Upcoming Concert with Pianist Cristiana Pegoraro
Community of Lifelong Learners Holds the Key to the Good Life
January 2023 New Film Courses at SAS
Special Event Added: Concert of Love with Pianist Cristiana Pegoraro
January 2023 Tips for a Healthy Beginning to the New Year
New Year, New Classes
December 2022 Happy New Year!
December 2022 Happy Holidays!
December 2022 Winter Flipbook Catalog Now Available
December 2022 Season of Giving
December 2022 Winter Registration Is Open
Registration Is Open for Winter Classes
November 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas
November 2022 Fall Feedback Requested
November 2022 Art Appreciation
Film Discussion: The Godfather on Wednesday, 11/9/22
November 2022 History and Culture
Pianist Cristiana Pegoraro in Concert
World Politics with Ralph Buultjens
Author Visit: Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry, on Monday, 11/7/22
October 2022 Literature and Film
Author Visit: Bobbi Rebell, Launching Financial Grownups on Tuesday, 11/1/22
October 2022 Personal Finance
October 2022 Cooking and Baking
Author Visit: Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Shanda
October 2022 Special Event Day/Night Double Header with Author Jason Mott
Day/Night Double Header with Author Jason Mott on Thursday, 10/13/22
October 2022 Game On
September 2022 Ring Them Bells
September 2022 Author Visits
September 2022 Languages
September 2022 Arts & Crafts
August 2022 Fitness for Fall
August 2022 Good Reads for Fall Discussion
August 2022 Preview of September Walking Tours
August 2022 Fall Catalog Now Available

July 2022 Sneak Peek at Fall Term
July 2022 New Summer Walking Tours Added
July 2022 Rescheduled Summer Events
July 2022 Summer Reading
July 2022 Commemorating Independence Day
June 2022 Incoming Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee
June 2022 Summer History, Culture, and Current Events
June 2022 Summer Walking Tours in NYC
June 2022 Honor Your Father or Graduate
May 2022 Memorial Day Activities
May 2022 Feedback Requested
May 2022 Summer Fitness
May 2022 History, Culture, and Religion
May 2022 Teacher Appreciation Week
April 2022 Mother's Day eGift Ideas
April 2022 Upcoming Architectural Walking Tours
April 2022 Art Appreciation in Spring
April 2022 Spring into Literature, Film, and Television
April 2022 Arts & Crafts
March 2022 Time for Fun and Games
March 2022 Step Back on Stage
March 2022 Spring Forward into Fitness
March 2022 Updated COVID-19 Policies
March 2022 Spring Classes Celebrating Women
February 2022 Themes Flowing through Spring/Summer Catalog
February 2022 Spring/Summer Catalog Now Available

February 2022 Architecture Appreciation Classes
February 2022 Literature, Film, and Television Classes
January 2022 SAS's Own Winter Games
January 2022 Art Appreciation for the New Year
January 2022 Honors and Scheduling Changes
January 2022 Winter Term Has Begun
December 2021 Happy New Year!
December 2021 Happy Holidays
December 2021 Holiday Gifts without the Hassle
December 2021 eGifts for the Holidays
November 2021 Giving Tuesday -- Act Now for Donor Match
November 2021 Winter Catalog Now Available
November 2021 Winter Registration Opens Tomorrow
November 2021 Fall Feedback Requested
November 2021 Annual Appeal
November 2021 Art Appreciation
October 2021 History and Culture
October 2021 Literature and Film
October 2021 Games
October 2021 Natural Sciences and Hobbies
October 2021 Special Events
September 2021 Arts & Crafts Classes for Fall
September 2021 Classes for Language Learners
September 2021 Fitness Classes for Fall
September 2021 Changes and Postponements
August 2021 Armchair Tours and Virtual Visits
August 2021 Newly Added Current Events Lecture on Afghanistan
August 2021 Fall Walking Tours
August 2021 Fall Special Events

July 2021 Fall Registration Is Open!
July 2021 Fall Registration Opens Friday
July 2021 Upcoming Special Event
July 2021 New Board and Advisory Committee Members
July 2021 More New Classes Added for Summer
June 2021 New Classes Added for July
June 2021 Last Chance for Summer Language Classes
June 2021 Honor Your Father or Graduate
June 2021 Walking Tours Return
May 2021 Upcoming Special Event with Ralph Buultjens
May 2021 History and Culture
May 2021 Art Appreciation in May and Beyond
May 2021 Music Appreciation in May and Beyond
May 2021 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 2021 Mother's Day eGift Ideas
April 2021 Upcoming Architecture Classes and Virtual Tours
April 2021 Special Events
April 2021 Focus on Personal Finance
April 2021 Arts & Crafts for a Colorful Spring
March 2021 Natural Sciences for the Inquisitive Mind
March 2021 Upcoming Games Classes
March 2021 Upcoming Fitness Classes
March 2021 Upcoming Language Classes
February 2021 Upcoming Writing Classes
February 2021 Spring Preview
February 2021 Spring Catalog Now Available

February 2021 Architecture and Virtual Tours
January 2021 Winter Games
January 2021 Next Month's Music Appreciation
January 2021 Upcoming Literature, Film, and Television Classes
January 2021 Art Appreciation This Month
January 2021 New Classes for the New Year
December 2020 Happy Holidays
December 2020 History, Culture, and Current Events Preview
December 2020 Best of Westchester
December 2020 Winter Catalog Q&A
November 2020 Black Friday eGift Ideas
November 2020 Catalog of Winter 2021 Classes Now Available
November 2020 Season of Giving
November 2020 Fall Feedback Requested
October 2020 Fall Writing Classes
October 2020 Fall Music Appreciation Classes
October 2020 Fall Architecture Classes
October 2020 Fall Art Appreciation Classes
October 2020 Fall Classes on Jewish History and Culture
September 2020 Fall History, Culture, and Current Events Classes
September 2020 Fall Arts & Crafts Classes
September 2020 Fall Language Classes
September 2020 Fall Games Classes
August 2020 Fall Fitness Classes
August 2020 Fall Literature Classes
August 2020 Fall Semester Preview

August 2020 Final Weeks of Summer Semester
July 2020 Priority Registration Now Open for Fall Semester
July 2020 New Board and Advisory Committee Members
July 2020 This Week's Special Event
July 2020 Supreme Court Roundup
July 2020 Kristof and WuDunn Special Event
June 2020 Canasta Tournament Winners
June 2020 Honor Your Father or Recent Graduate
June 2020 Survey Re: Resuming In-Person Classes
June 2020 Canasta Tournament
May 2020 Community Laugh Along
May 2020 Online Classes Starting After the Long Weekend
May 2020 Online Classes to Finish Out the Month
May 2020 eGift Ideas for Mother's Day
May 2020 Spotlight on New Classes this Month
April 2020 Spotlight on Online Classes Next Month
April 2020 Spotlight on Online Classes Beginning Next Week
April 2020 Spotlight on Upcoming Online Classes
March 2020 New Partnership for More Online Classes
March 2020 Rollout of Online Classes
March 2020 Reminder Concerning Tuition Refunds
March 2020 Update #3 Concerning Closures
March 2020 Update #2 Concerning Closures
March 2020 Update Concerning Closure this Week
March 2020 Spotlight on Current Events and History
March 2020 Cold and Flu Season Precautions
February 2020 Spotlight on Walking Tours
February 2020 Spotlight on Marijuana Panel Discussion
Spring/Summer 2020 Priority Registration Ending Soon
Spring/Summer 2020 Registration Opens Tomorrow

December 2019 Complete Winter 2020 Catalog
December 2019 Winter 2020 Catalog Addendum
November 2019 Ensuring a Community of Lifelong Learners
November 2019 SAS Feedback Request
November 2019 Spotlight on Literature
November 2019 Spotlight on Your Psyche
October 2019 Spotlight on Walking Tours
October 2019 Spotlight on Special Events
October 2019 Spotlight on Photography
October 2019 Spotlight on Music
September 2019 Spotlight on Food and Beverages
September 2019 Spotlight on Science
September 2019 Spotlight on Art Show
September 2019 Spotlight on Mike Lupica and Fitness
August 2019 Spotlight on Weekends
August 2019 Spotlight on Finance
August 2019 Spotlight on Religion
August 2019 Spotlight on Games

July 2019 Newsletter
July 2019 Classes and Fall Registration Announcement
June 2019 Newsletter
June 2019 Classes
May 2019 Newsletter
May 2019 Classes
April 2019 Newsletter
April 2019 Classes
March 2019 Newsletter
March 2019 Classes
February 2019 Newsletter
February 2019 Classes
January 2019 Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2019 Registration Opens Tomorrow
January 2019 Classes

December 2018 Newsletter
December 2018/Early January 2019 Classes
November 2018 Newsletter
November 2018 Classes
October 2018 Newsletter
October 2018 Classes
September 2018 Newsletter
September 2018 Classes
August 2018 Newsletter
July 2018 Newsletter
June 2018 Newsletter and Fall Registration Announcement

June and July 2018 Classes
May 2018 Newsletter
Special Event at SAS -- Dear Madam President
May 2018 Classes
April 2018 Newsletter
April 2018 Classes
Snow Day Make-Up Schedule
March 2018 Newsletter
Save the Date
March 2018 Classes
February 2018 Newsletter
February 2018 Classes
Upcoming Special Event at SAS
Spring/Summer 2018 Registration Is Open
January 2018 Classes

December 2017 Newsletter
December 2017 and Early January 2018 Classes
November 2017 Newsletter
November 2017 Classes
Opening Reception for 2017 Student/Teacher Art Show
October 2017 Newsletter
October 2017 Classes
September 2017 Newsletter
Last Call Reminder
September 2017 Classes
August 2017 Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter: Preview of Fall Classes
Fall/Winter 2017 Registration Opens
June 2017 Newsletter
June and July 2017 Classes
May 2017 Newsletter
May 2017 Classes
April 2017 Newsletter
SAS Special Event
April 2017 Classes
SAS Special Event
March 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Classes
February 2017 Newsletter
January 2017 Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2017 Registration Opens