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COVID-19 Policy

In-person classes scheduled to begin on or after Sunday, March 13, 2022, will no longer require proof of vaccination or booster. Mask requirements are venue-specific. However, most facilities have now eliminated their mandates such that mask wearing is now optional. Students who registered for any in-person class prior to this change in policy and are unwilling to attend an event where others may be unvaccinated and/or unmasked may contact for a refund.

In-person classes that began prior to Sunday, March 13, 2022, will continue to observe all vaccination requirements and mask mandates that were in place at the start of the course.

As we continue to monitor regulations governing our activities and the policies of the venues we use, we will notify you of changes via email. We reserve the right to reinstate vaccination, masking, and/or social distancing policies and requirements as well as any other COVID-19 protections in the future, even in the absence of any federal, state, or local guidelines or mandates.